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Greetings to all!

My name is Dmitry, I am an airbrush artist.
I live and work in London.


If you want to make your life brighter, emphasize your individuality, get your hands on something unique and exclusive, make an exceptional present to yourself or someone you love or simply to protect the thing you cherish from being stolen then I’m your man. With my aerograph and technology of auto painting, I will draw any picture you like on any serial and dull coloured surface of any object, say laptop or mobile phone or car, and turn it into the fashionable and exclusive Piece of Art. A beautiful picture on your laptop, an emblem of your favourite football team on a mobile phone, an elegant tattoo on the bonnet or wing of your car – it’s a head turner! It’s flashy and attracts attention; it could bring something fresh and exciting into your life!

Stand out if you don’t want to get lost!
Just some ideas to awaken your imagination:

A logo of your company on a laptop - a perfect corporate present or an advertisement. A stylish picture of someone you love, or something you treasure, like a car, plane, yacht or dog – a perfect present to yourself. A mural or tattoo on your car or bike – an effective anti-theft device, it is one-of-the-kind and it is difficult to destroy its individuality, the picture cannot be washed off or cleaned out of the surface without ruining it. Your motorcycle helmet has got silly stickers and scratches all over it – turn it into the masterpiece instead! You need more souvenirs for your gift shop – how about computer mice with pictures of famous London landmarks on them! Gonna sell sell sell in the right area swamped with tourists…
Your Pride and Joy, your laptop is a complex mechanism, but don’t you worry! I cooperate with the upgrade and computer repair company E&S PC Clinic. An experienced computer engineer will take off the cover of your laptop so I can paint on it. He can even upgrade your laptop while I am working on the picture. When the picture is ready, he will mount the top back into its position.
I use only auto paints and varnish of the highest quality; our pictures do not peel off or fade. We use water based Createx paints especially developed for auto aerography supplied by "London Graphic Center" (Covent Garden) and buy auto varnish, remover and polishing materials from the dealer center Morelly Group Ltd. (Enfield). 

I don’t want to miss your enquiry or a quote, so please, e-mail me on   
where you can send the picture or design of your choice.


Just some ideas on the prices, but they vary depending of the complexity of a picture:

Laptop cover painted in one colour  with the owner’s name or a symbol on it - £50
Landscape – from £100  
Portrait – from

Mouse – from  £20
Helmet – from


I apply aerography on aircrafts, cars, motorbikes, scooters, boats, jet skis, buses, vans, crash helmets, mobile phones, guitars, laptops, computer mice, shop signs, RC – airplanes and other car/boat/plane models…the list is endless!

Any aerography on cars, motorbikes, scooters, boats, etc can be performed either on your premises/garage or at SILVERLINE GARAGE at 168 New Road, Rainham, London, RM13 8RS.


Operational stages or how do I do that:

I abrade the given surface in order to improve the adhesion of paint with it. Then I apply a thin layer of the special primer coating for plastic to prevent lifting of the picture from the surface. Then I do the painting. If the picture is a complex one I perform intermediate varnishing to protect different parts of the picture. To protect the varnish layer from flaking I use the special automobile varnish. Then I dry the varnish in the drying oven under temperatures of 50-60˚C. After that I slightly abrade the surface, wash it and polish it with the polishing paste.

The whole process is very time consuming and takes not less than 4 days.


The first airbrush was patented in 1876 (Patent Number 182,389) by Francis Edgar Stanley of Newton, Massachusetts. Stanley and his twin brother later invented a process for continuously coating photographic plates (Stanley Dry Plate Company) but are perhaps best known for their Stanley Steamer.

The airbrush was later improved by Abner Peeler which used a hand-operated compressor, and the inventor patented it "for the painting of watercolors and other artistic purposes". It was rather crude, being based on a number of spare parts in a jeweller's workshop such as old screwdrivers and welding torches. It took 4 years of further development before a practical device was developed. This was marketed by Liberty Walkup, who taught airbrush technique to American Impressionist master Wilson Irvine. The first modern type airbrush came along in 1893, presented by Thayer and Chandler art materials company at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago, invented by Charles Burdick. This device looked like a pen and worked in a different manner to Peeler's device, being essentially the same as a modern airbrush. Aerograph, Burdick's original company, still makes and sells airbrushes in England.

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